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Workshopping Reality, Imagined and Otherwise

Robin Black

Last week I read an article about reality, a physics theory I cannot even pretend to understand.  The degree to which I don’t understand it is itself kind of enjoyable, an intellectual free fall without a net. Not that being baffled is a rare experience…

Agoraphobia, Writing, and Me: Fear and Laughing at Canyon Ranch

Robin Black

Dear All, It’s an enormous honor and joy to be the Guest Blogger here for February. I’ve known about this for a while. Not long enough to have done anything smart like stock-piling posts, but long enough to ponder what I think the point of having a single…

Chances Dances – Magic as a Survival Tactic

Luisa Muradyan

Italicized, in a font distinct from the rest of the cover text, “you are invited” had me thinking “garden party,” or actually, just “party.” Literal in my following of this theme, I found my afternoon session: “Party Out of Bounds”...

On Panda Bears and Death (and Why Neither Matters)

Thomas Calder

As Paul was readying the kids for a little hike, one of the boys started to panic; a first-grader, he was worried he'd get attacked by a bear. Paul told the kid: "The good news is we're all gonna die one day, so really you have nothing to worry about..."

The Writer as Rider

Sam Mansfield

As others have asked before, "Where is the poetry of the first Gulf War?", I ask, "Where is the great twenty-first century American bicycle poem?" And I am only half kidding...